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Vi-ViD’s owner and soundmeister, Simon Scardanelli, began experimenting with battered old tape recorders from the age of ten. Pretty soon he was bouncing tracks between several machines and creating sound sculptures and soundtracks to imaginary films. As he hit his teens and started playing the guitar his interest in the recording process continued. By the age of sixteen he was recording with professional bands and learning not just how to play in a band, but how a band plays in the studio. His professional career as a musician spans several decades and many countries. Simon has lived and worked in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York, along with the occasional “studio in the country - man - peaceful” along the way, and has had major label releases that have charted top 20 in the USA & Canada.

Artists produced recently by Simon Scardanelli include Hatful Of Rain, whose CD has been aired regularly on Bob Harris (BBC Radio 2) during 2012/13. Simon produced The Reform Club's debut & follow up album (featuring ex-MP and Cabinet Minister Norman Baker) and was the man behind the desk of the highly acclaimed debut album by Surinder Sandhu - SauRang Orchestra, which featured guitar god Steve Vai along with a stellar line-up of renowned Jazz, Classical, and Southern Indian musicians.

Simon recently wrote and recorded the score to the short film Flaws, directed by Paul Winter. He also recorded the dialogue, and engineered the final soundtrack with dialogue, foley and score.

Simon Scardanelli studied classical guitar in the 80s, took a degree in 20th Century Music in the 90s, and in 2010 completed his PhD in musical composition at the University of Birmingham, with a portfolio of Electroacoustic & Acousmatic compositions. Simon was an early adopter of music technology, starting in the 80s with the Commodore C64, then Atari 1040ST, and now works primarily on a Mac, but also keeps a PC handy for those odd jobs around the sonic house. Having worked with Pro Tools, Logic and Cubase from the very early days, he has an instinctive knowledge of the technology that has grown to be a dominant force in our creative world.

He runs his own label, Resonator Records, releasing albums by Surinder Sandhu & Roland Chadwick as well as his own works, runs Musica Scardanelli, a publishing company, and fronts his own occasional side-project band Dr Scardo.

With a recording career starting in the 1980s, and experience at Air, Mayfair & SARM (London), Electric Lady & Soundtracks (New York), Bavaria (Munich) & Hotline (Frankfurt) you can trust an experienced pair of golden ears to give you the very best recording of your performance.


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